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Delphine & Christophe Dufossé

Projected in its new owners’ vision of the future, Delphine and Christophe Dufossé, the Château de Beaulieu has managed to preserve the soul of its stones and its estate. Located in Busnes, between the Opal Coast and Belgium, this heritage jewel seems to have stood out from the present century. In a dialogue between modern history and memories of the past, it unrolls the splendor that spans the ages. It provides lovers of culture and of refinement with an accommodation that lives up to its heritage.

Prone to new metamorphoses, the new face of Château de Beaulieu navigates nowadays between authenticity and pure creation, to accompany the experience of a suspended time. On the architectural side, the red bricks of the building emphasize the majesty and the beauty of its classical style, the construction of which dates back from the 17th century, in 1680 to be precise. Further away, in the gardens of the estate, boxwood alleys and trees of various species mirror the lively and vibrant countryside, conducive to the wanderings of both the feet and the soul.

“Our wish was to make this place consistent with our personality, our desires, and to lead it to this era without denying its heritage or its history.”

Delphine & Christophe Dufossé


The Hôtel du Château de Beaulieu is distinguished by the personality of its room decor and its sense of warm, family hospitality. It is outstanding for its history, its natural site as well as its highly personalized service, exceeding the slightest expectations. The hotel has around twenty rooms, which will soon be expanded to thirty. Mostly facing the gardens of the estate, each of them features ample surface areas, ranging from 28 m2 (300 sq ft) to 55 m2 (600 sq ft) for the suites.

Christophe Dufossé

What if the best way to fully experience nature was to taste it? At the two-starred table of Château de Beaulieu, chef Christophe Dufossé achieves a highly ethical and responsible cuisine, cared for to perfection and vibrant with the flavors of the riches of his local culinary heritage. His guests can breathe nature through his creations. With each recipe, this man succeeds in sketching the generous silhouettes of a nearby landscape, juxtaposing the scents of a stroll on a trail with those of a stopover by the sea. At the table, tablecloths and ceremonial plates have become superfluous; they have been replaced by a simple but remarkable presentation of the producers and artisans who accompany the chef ... A tribute to the untouched and discreet luxury of the room, preamble to this magical and incomparable moment when the word turns into a delicious ecstasy: the tasting.

La Salle à manger

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Côté Jardin

Out of sight, in a friendly and bucolic atmosphere, the Château de Beaulieu brasserie unveils a decor with modern comfort. Like a green and living heart, this table set up in the grounds of the estate has been designed as a veritable garden of delights, displaying a seasonal and market menu. On fine days, a summer kitchen offers all guests the pleasure of having lunch outside while tasting summer recipes, fresh and tasty, prepared “à la minute” by a team of chefs on the terrace. On the menu, the choice is between 5 starters, two meats, two fish and a vegetable dish - with for some dishes a suggestion of cooking on the barbecue - and 5 desserts… Add to that a beautiful list of organic and natural wines, that will be sure to delight all curious gourmets.